So today I'm dropping by guitar center and I've been thinking of getting some new pickups on my RG370dx. I've watched vids of emg 81/85s and I like their sound, so I want to replace the stock pickups on my rg with an emg 81/85 combo. Considering I play through a peavey bandit which uses "transtube", but is still ss, would it make much of an audible difference?

This is my first time messing around with pickups, so I wanted to have guitar center possibly set the guitar up for the emgs along with some thicker strings. Would they be willing to do this?

Also the cleans don't really matter much at all to me, so considering I play heavy metal like metallica, slayer, and bodom would the emgs seem like a viable plan?
Definitely good for that kind of music. I'm from britain so i dont know for sure but i imagine they'd set it up for you.
EMG's are your best bet for heavy metal and such.

Don't leave out the passives though.

Seymour duncan Invader neck and Distortion bridge would be a great combo.

Personaly, I play metal,rock,blues,and country so I use a JB in the bridge which is for my metal and rock and a 59 in the neck for country and blues.

Great combo brah but the JB isn't as high output as a Distortion.

Dimarzio distortions are great too. I like the paf pros in the neck.

If you play really,really, heavy or death metal I'd reccomend the EMGs most defintly.

SeymourDuncan does have a active pair for metal which I have never tried but have heard and they sound nice.
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^ imo invader is too muddy for the neck but it hits like a pipe to the head in the bridge. EMGs will make you play more accurately because (imo) they are unforgiving but they will open up a door of metal for you. EMGs also hide crappy wood where passives will accentuate it. Just my opinion though.
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^ Not loads. You're better off getting a new amp first, if you intend switching to Active pickups.
Quote by Mazzakazza
^ Not loads. You're better off getting a new amp first, if you intend switching to Active pickups.

Ah okay thanks thats what I thought, I'll still get the emgs eventually, but I thought a tube amp would probably be better first
Yeah, I reckon so. Actives don't attain their potential really through SS, and can be problematic 'cos of clipping, so...yeah.
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Active EMGs would definitely be a terrible idea with your current amp.

Active pickups can sound incredible, but to get any use out of them you need:
- to have a professional-quality, naturally mid or high-gain all-valve amplifier, without using the amp's own preamp distortion (the gain control).
- to not be using overdrive, fuzz, distortion, boost or similar pedals.
- a really good EQ, and the knowledge to use it properly.
- a pretty 'clean' rig, so the active pickups can drive the amp by themselves as much as possible without going through any other fluff.
- the desire to generate all your distortion simply from the active pickups and the natural character of a high-gain amp.

If you fail any of those points, active pickups will probably only be a downgrade for you. In fact even high-output passive pickups will be a downgrade for you then. It may not be common 'metal knowledge', but in most rigs a set of low-output passive pickups will give you a better tone even for metal, especialy if you use pedals or your amp's preamp gain.
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^listen to this guy. The mid- output p'ups are rearing their heads in metal such as Lamb of God and others lately. A SH-1 sounds incredible in the bridge of a slightly bright guitar eq'ed and mettalled up. Not really a h.o. p'up at all. More isn't better unless you are trying to hit the front end of a tube amp like a truck.
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I fail several of those requirements, but that was extremely useful knowledge considering I was going for emgs fairly blindly, I'll just hold off on the pickups for now and probably get a better amp sometime