So i recently got an Epiphone Slash Les Paul Standard Plus Top, and in the owner's manual, it said to wipe the down with a dry cloth after because sweat can ruin the finish. I rarely sweat when i play, except for my fretting hand, so do i need to wipe down the neck to preserve the lacquer?
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Yes. Even though you don't sweat much while playing there is still dirt and such in your fingers while you play. After awhile it will begin to accumulate on your neck, it won't ruin the finish but it will make the neck sticky and such. So you always want to at least give it a wipe with a dry cloth when you're done playing. When you restring, its advisable to use some kind of cleaner or something to give it a good scrub.
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No point, Epiphone are over-blowing it. That guitar has a thick poly finish, it will takes years of playing without care for it to start to wear, and even then all that will happen is it will dull and actually become easier to play on.

When you have a guitar with a maple neck and a nitro finish, then you can worry about taking care of the finish. But you don't, so you don't need to.
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