Have any of you guys ever thought that someone might not like your song BEFORE they've ever heard it?

I was talking with a friend of mine and he mentioned that he was too afraid to put his original songs up on a site like Myspace because people might not even like the songs anyways. I tried to help him by saying that it didn't matter if no one liked it, just as long as HE liked his own stuff. I don't think I helped him much, though.

Anyways, have any of you guys ever experience this kind of thought/ feeling towards the exposure of your music? What makes you release it anyways? ( on CD, on Itunes, Myspace, etc)
Always, whenever I write something I think it's awful and I'm convinced everyone else will agree. Force of habit.
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all the time with me, its just a confidence thing literally. unfortunately i still struggle to the day with letting people listen to Recorded versions of my music. but when its played live i dont care
if you record it, you're saying that you think it was good enough to go through all the effort to get it down on tape and post it wherever. also that it's perfect how it is. if you play it live there's always possibility for change, and you dont have to think it's all that great for playing it live once or twice.

there's always going to be plenty of people that dont like your songs. even the biggest and best songwriters in the world have plenty of people who dislike their stuff.

if you like it and think it's about as good as it can be according to your skill level, you just gotta toss it out there. you'll learn from your mistakes and from people's feedback, but unless you're making music to please other people, just be happy with what you did and dont worry if people don't agree with it.
Yes, I always feel this way as well. Whenever I listen to someone else's compositions and then my own, I always think "Omg, their songs are just so much better than mine!" Often it turns out at least a few people like my music though. Most people are supportive and encouraging to young musicians, so we shouldn't really feel this way at all!
Yeah, it's always hard when you hear someone who's better than you. It can make you ask yourself "why am I doing this?"
whats the point in recording it if ur not going to let people hear it, how does he expect people to find out about him? its worth a try.

first find someone on myspace that is abosolutely horrible thats what i did

i can provide links if necessary haha
Most everyone feels this way it's human nature bi
but you just got to do it if yu think it's good chances are other people will to









i get it but months after i go wow that really doesnt sound like me i musta forced that riff
but i go back and tweak it you have to put songs out there so one people can find out who you are and criticism makes you a better composer i have a quite critical drummer and he's helped develop me as a composer experimenting much more than i ever would
usually happens with me, to the point where i stop writing for periods of time
I hate all of my bands songs, so yeah, i know what hes goni thru.
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What ever you do, someone will always dislike your music. Its just how it is. If some one criticises your music constructively you have to be prepared to accept that and think about taking it on board. If they just hate it, well you've got to accept that too and move along.

If you like your own music that's great; but You have to realise as well that your own opinion of a piece you've written will probably be skewed.

Its all part of the deal.
if you don't put it out there, you'll never know if people dig it or not. but i'd say that as long as it's competently played and decently recorded and mixed, nobody will hate it. they may not dig it, or they may totally ignore it, but you'll find that there's an audience for everything.
i would be embarrassed if it was singing or something but i'm fine playing guitar or drums and letting people watch. i think it's just inside your head when you think stuff like that. if i were to feel like that i would probably show the songs to close friends or something and if they honestly like it i would upload it to a website.
That's just typical nerves when you are starting out.

After taking the step and showing people your first song, you'll just keep doing it. You'll need other's opinions to help grow as a musician. A lot of the time you may think a song is average, but others really like it, or you may think it's great, and others don't. It's just natural. All you can do is keep writing and listening to opinions on how to make yourself better. It is rare for a person to come straight out with "I hate your song".

In short, it's just a confidence issue. Just do it.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.