Great quality for sure. what kind of hardware/software did you use? the vocals are very well done and a good use of harmonies. i think it would be nice if it built up into something a little more vocally and definitely make it a little longer cuz it seemed like it ended much too soon.

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Sound quality is pretty nice. Kinda reminds me of Brand New.
Not my cup of tea lol. Good quality though, just not my taste.
Yeah that's one of the things I want to do with it...make it longer. I have some ideas but I was anxious to get some opinions on it.

As for the equipment I use, it's all pretty basic....

My audio interface is a tascam 122L and I have a pair of those cheap 2 for 99$ mxl mics.

My software is Sonar 8.
As said above, the vocal harmonies were well done. Kudos to whoever (you or your ex-bandmate) could hit that high. I think some dynamics-in addition to the "stop" already there- would improve the song and give it some more motion.

I think the song is just about right in length; it does what it sets out to do, and doesn't over-stay it's welcome. Overall, an enjoyable listen, in my opinion.

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wow man. recording quality was great. i liked youre singing. great tone. good strumming pattern. i liked the lyrics to this. very cetchy. cool song. was that a female doing harms? they could sure get high whoever that was. nice song man. very peacefull easy sound. good good stuff.

thanks for the crit btw.

i just put up another song. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1191206 have a listen./
I liked it. The vocals and guitar sound good. Something i noticed were the backing vocals, they sounded good, but maybe just a little too loud. It's a nice song and the recording is good. c4c?
wow man clear vocals! clear guitar... damn and its happy i like the guitar on unspoken and lie to me its a cressendo or however you spell it man you play nice.. it makes me head bop
Hey dude, for my crit, i just made a thread in this same forum called "Big Cat Music Squad".

Now, what i do in "Big Cat Music Squad" is purely for fun/something to do when im bored or on a long car ride. This stuff is good! I really liked the song! If you put a bit of reverb on the vocals it would be even better. I really liked it a lot! The lyrics were great, the guitar playing sounded good, the ONLY thing i could fault you on is the singing: sometimes the techniques you use sound like they could easily be erased if you did a few more takes. Next time just let a few others listen to it before you cut your "final" version. Seriously though, you've got talent and i'm listening to all the other tunes on your page now. Nice work! I hope to get some stuff like this online here pretty soon. would you recommend your tascam thing you've got?

Good: Very crisp, clear, warm recording. Nice voice (if a little blink 182 - is that a problem) and harmonies. Amazing compositionally.
Improve: Not much really, just not the kind of music I like, but thats not really a point at all. Perhaps was lacking in a real chorus type thing. But I can hardly talk.

On the whole, good work!
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