Suffocation/Cryptopsy/Disgorge esque.

Short song, only a little longer than 2 minutes, but honestly if I threw in another riff or bridge it would be a little too much.

Honestly, the solo is pure unadulterated improv, so that's bound to change everytime I play it.

Give em some opinions on putting another riff or a previous riff before/after the solo for better transitions (my worst enemy).

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That was excellent, some of the best stuff I've seen on this site. You should play it and record it, it would sound really cool.
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Reeally enjoyed the first riff, it set it right on the path that you knew it'd follow for the song. Reminds me a little of the intro riff to Uroboric Forms by Cynic, and the harmonising was well done. I thought it could have used a couple of 5/8 or 3/4 or whatever bars somewhere in that riff to make it seem more chaotic and confusing, but in hindsight that would seem very much like it was done for the sake of doing it.

Riff at bar 18 is very good, seems quite tricky to pull off properly. Even though the tempo change isn't massive, it's barely noticeable which gives it more of a human quality and makes it feel stranger, if you get what I mean.

Bridge/Verse worked very nicely, pretty heavy and fit it well with the song. I like how Transition/the verse bit kind of adapted the idea in the Bridge/verse riff and made it more, at the risk of sounding like Zakk Wylde, crushing. Very headbangable indeed.

Pre-solo riff, I like how it took what I was saying about the transition/then verse adapting the idea in the bridge/verse riff, but moved in a different way from it.

I'd be lying if I said I liked the solo, but then again a more bluesy and melodic solo wouldn't have worked at all and it really gave the song what it needed.

Great that you kept it very short, it stops it from outstaying its welcome. I'd give it about an 8 or 9 out of 10.
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