I just started this song yesterday, after playing around with some drum and bass rythms. It's far away from being finished, I will most definitely add some fill ins for the drums and do some fine tuning but I hope you like it. I'm now looking for another theme, I don't want the song to sound too repetitive and I need a new idea.

It's highly recommended to use RSE. If you don't have RSE, use the mp3.

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I'm critting this as a C4C as you critted my ballad solo.

I thought it was pretty weird-sounding, but I suppose the point of the song was to be a little weird?

That can be a good thing, as it's an original sounding piece. I don't have much to say, but it may turn out to be something awesome if you keep working on it.

Overall, I can't say much, I'd need to hear more.
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It is I, the mighty shitkicker, as prophesied by JustRooster. Obey me.
Love the intro. It's a little bit similar to your last song (wait... I'm the LAST person who can criticize that considering what I'm working on... ) But it's got a great feel to it.

Loved the main riff. Your drum track as usual is excellent.

Theme 2 started off cool, but the lead guitar stuff near the end was an uncomfortable listen. Not out, not bad, just uncomfortable. It also ended just when it felt like it was going to get started, making it, and the following transition rather jarring.

Theme 3 was okay. It started off well enough, but the mini bass solo wasn't all that hot. Bar 43 in particular.

I just didn't think that theme 2 or 3 had the strength that the intro and main riff presented. Still the whole thing's got a lot of potential.
At first I thought it was going to be something that would be more suited for a hip-hop beat, but once the guitar got in, it got real jazzy

The intro could be a little better, but other than that it's a really funky jazz tune