New song, hate it. Crit4Crit.
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Named against it's own maybe becuase it's your own? ... and... you're against it?

Well. i liked the first riff.

Also a nice solo. Not too long, but not too short.

After that though, it does sound pretty generic :\ the 0-0-0-0-|8-8-8-8-|10-10-10-10-
chord progression is overused.

with some square and chiff leads you could fix that though :P Just kidding. *cough*

It also ends kind of abruptly you know?

It was decent, but you've written much better stuff.

7/10 :x

Mind looking at mine?

You'll be dissapointed in knowing it's not another sit-com theme :P
Ouch squares, are you racist against music genres other than catchy? lol That hurts my feelings. Speaking of which, future Electronica songs will not feature square and chiff leads. I have around 5 or so new songs, but I'm rethinking posting one of them, like I said the band is against the new content release. But I could probably compile around 16-24 bars of each song into a tab and post it.
PSN: RokkstarX
Live: RokkyX

All my original (C4C) material is located here.
Intro: sounds a bit uncommon but I like it

Verse: First part is cool but please never use the rythm of the second part again. It's so cheesy and generic and just sounds lame, regardless which notes you put in.

Chorus: A bit generic but still a nice melody

Solo: 65-72 I like the pauses and longer notes you put in here, sounds more lively
The note choice of the shred part is good, but I dont like it that, it gets boring pretty fast.
The last two bars and the ending note made the solo for me though, nice work.

Break: good idea to bring back the intro riff, soudns great there.

All in all it sounds nice, maybe a bit short but not every song should be 5mins long. Nice solo and intro/verse riff, but the chorus wasn't that good, thus 8/10. Still a decent song, change a bit here and there and it's pretty good.

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