So I added vocals to 'Alt-Metal song 2" It's called How Long in my profile, Sorry my voice is not the best (pretty bad) but I think I'm better at screaming than singing, also my mic is pretty bad,

Also, The verse is more spoken than sung.

Thanks for any advise!


The Lyrics:

How Long?

I, I strike you down,
force you out, I spit on your face
curse you name, The blood is on my hands
as I hold the lash that cuts you, by my arm
your blood is spilled,

Oh! How long will this go on!
the blood runs down you face!
You've fallen in disgrace!
by my own hand!

You, you look into my eyes
and all I see is love, all I see
is peace, my hand strikes your face,
but you. you never blame!

Repeat chorus:


Oh! how long?

Repeat Chorus:
The recording quality is too bad for me to be able to say anything about the music, but I can say that you need more emotion when singing. Your voice may be bad, but it's much more obvious if you don't even sound like you're trying.
A lot of the problem is that the mic is soooo crappy that whe nyou sing too loud it buzz like heck, I want to get a vocal mic soon though,
Something you could try when recording vocals is to be further away from the mic. It sounds like it's in your throat or something.
Yeah it's actually the mic we use for skype, good for that not so much for singing, also I recorded the screams on my camera and they came out clearer.