ok so me and my best friend have been playing together since we were in 6th grade, and i have always played lead guitar/backup vocals and he always has done lead vocals and rhythym guitar, but recently he has been only singing w/o playing guitar.

We have finally put together a strong 4 piece band (adding a bassplayer and drummer) and we learned about 30 cover songs and we play at bars...(the singer's head has gotten bigger)

my best friend couldnt make it to a gig this past saturday so me, the drummer, and bassist, did about 12 songs and played for an hour--it went very well, i did most of lead singing, but my drummer did a couple of songs too (me and the drummer are just as good of singers as him)

the drummer is a huge blink fan so i learned dammit and all the small things and we learned them the other day. and he sings them better than our lead singer would.

so now the 3 of us can play just as many songs, and just add him in when he comes along, but...

would it be better to find a temp. replacement for him (especially because he's been acting pretty dick lately) or continue as a trio and wait for when it is ok for him to make it. (btw he doesnt practice anymore because he cant)

--We want to learn more songs as a trio, and just add him in to sing when he can make it, any song suggestions? (besides greenday and blink) like popular ones that everyone is familliar with.
If he can't practice, he never shows up for shows, and is a dick...

The answer i obvious, doesn't matter if he's a friend. You're in a band, it's supposed to be a strong musical piece that works together creatively and personally.

If he doesn't do anything that makes him part of the band, then kick him out and find a replacement or try a trio.
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Just kick him out,
he sounds like a third wheel.
(on a bike of course. )
plus more money for you guys!
If hes being a dick youre probably better off having a break from him and it sounds like you dont really need him. For the additional songs i'd suggest Manchester orchestra (if you've heard of them) but if your covering blink and green day then they might not be fast enough for you.
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yea but he's my best friend and when he does play with us we are better (when he plays guitar), i just want to know some good cover songs we can play as a trio without him
we do cover songs like dirty deeds- acdc, and pinball wizard (those are with him) and basket case and dammit without him
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we do cover songs like dirty deeds- acdc, and pinball wizard (those are with him) and basket case and dammit without him

then you need to think of some decent three piece bands that you like

i personally think bands like muse, rage against the machine, audioslave and the red hot chilis are possible with 3 instruments and are good, but its up to you

edit: you werent cmplaining about it - my bad
I think you guys need the extra guitar for some of those songs...
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yea he still plays guitar on some songs, but for like when we do greenday and stuff he just puts his guitar down (i can easily sing and play) we just need more songs like that,

we just want him not to be vital to the band, just a nice attachment, like we dont have to cancel a show because he cant make it.
tell the dude if he don't pratice you guys will kick him out. And if he still don't, well kick him out
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