Okay im pulling my hair out over here last december i bought an Art100 ibanez. Im new to guitar and im use to playing and fixing my acoustic when needed. I know nothing about electrics. Anyway the problem i was having was fret buzz and intonation problems. My guitar teacher took the guitar and fixed it for the most part. However i have not been able to pick up any strings for it and im worried, Im going to guitar center today to get some strings. The problem is i dont wanna put strings on it if its not properly fixed.

Im worrying because the two nuts that hold the bridge in place were a little loose and i thought tightining them would be a good idea. I tightened them a bit and then i realized that it could have been a noob mistake.

Am i freaking out for nothing i wanna play my electric very bad and i want it to sound right. anything you professionals could let me know.

have i done nething wrong or is my guitar ok to be strung and played?
I don't see a real problem with it. Just take a straight iron, and check if your action is right. Putting strings on is a good way to check if it works. Pretty easy to check. Might be an action problem, but I'm not sure.
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You are correct, you did indeed make a n00b mistake.
You changed the action by tightening the bridge screws.
It's going to have fret-buzz now.
You've undone the correction you teacher made to get rid of the buzz.
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The screws that hold the bridge are for action (string height) adjustments. They shouldn't feel loose at all (or rather- they should be loose in the sense that they turn freely, but not wobble).
You can reset the action. Check the clearance under the bass string at the 12th fret.
My Gibson ES-135 has 3/32" clear under, and a bit less on the hight E string. Your type of playing will determine the action you want. Your guitar might measure a bit less when it's right. String guage will be a variable here.
Intonation is controlled by those little screws that adjust the individual string saddles on your bridge. Use an electronic tuner to adjust these by tuning also at the 12th fret. If the string's tone is flat, move the saddle foreward, shortening the string length.
Truss rods adjust the neck relief, or backbow in the neck. Check this by pressing down on the bass string at the first and last or 12th fret. Look for space under the string at the seventh and eighth fret. There should be no, or very little space there, the string shouldn't be tight on the fret. Truss rod adjustments should be done by a pro I think.
Dialing in these three things should set you up pretty well. Good luck.