Well okay winds blowing my way
With the sun suggesting blessings
To me and my family, I don't how can we
Keep up in this economy, hardly halfway
To hell, I think we might have to sell
And sow new seeds, make a new life
That leads and beats our previous worst

Breaking in and locking yourself out
He want's to shout about God
and Jesus, jeez what about us?
waiting to die for a better life?
Sighs and holds his sign high
Leave me alone to live my lie

My average pay is karma working my way
A place to stay, and a voice to say
the different shades of my views
On news, Never have I knew
Anything other than my own convictions
It's my right to fight for my mind to be mine
and don't let anyone ever tell you otherwise


Questions, comments, concerns?
No one throws away porn, their like heirlooms, pass them down your family tree!