Alright. Im getting into southern blues alot lately. (Robert Johnson, Son House, Blind lemon jefferson, Blind willie johnson and mctell, lightnin hopkins) anyway you get the idea along with alot fo fat possum musicians like R.L burnside and Jr Kimbrough. Im wondering what are some of the techniques used by these musicians opposed to the blues that is commonly played on guitar (EX. chicago bassed blues, like BB king and muddy and albert) IM not looking for that kind of electric blues, im looking for more of a dirty electric blues, not something that kinda spawned the british blues movement. Jus something dirtier. Instead of chicago blues bar, im talkin north mississippi blood bucket juke. Thanks for your time and suggestions.
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Bandalism [Ban-dil-i-zem] n.: the willful or malicious destruction of, or damage to, the fabric of a rock/pop/indie/metal group brought about by one or more of its members.