Hm well theres some timing issues and the singer could use a bit of work but otherwise its good
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1. if your talking about blood dead warrior its suppose to be that way.
2. How can the vocals improve? Dont just say things without elaborating. I always have room for improvement but without anyone telling what needs work i cant really do much,now can i?
I play in a ska band.

Have played shows with countless hardcore, grindcore, death metal, butt-sheek slappin, distortion blaring, chug machines that sound just like your band.

Not trying to be a dick. Just kind of frustrated with the overall lack of creativity surrounding this perplexing fascination my generation has with hardcore music.

Do something unique or you will be forgotten. If hardcore bands put half the creativity they put into naming themselves and coming up with cool graphics for their t-shirts and myspace pages into their music, I might like it...maybe?

I try real hard sometimes you know, I love people who are out to play music.

Just make sure the music reflects yourself and actually conveys some real emotion or theme so you don't waste your time and everyone else's.


ha ha. I am an idiot. i had the wrong window open obviously.

No this is very different from what i described above.

I thought at first that you reminded me of an old local band we used to play with----


but I actually think you sound a lot different after I listend to the deshon trigger again.

The sound did strike me as a little generic though.

But if I saw you live I wouldn't go outside to smoke a cig while you were playing, if you catch my drift.
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Wow,you didn't even listen to the music did you? We sound NOTHING like hardcore,grindcore,or any of the other genres you have mentioned. We have clean vocals,we do nothing with growling with it. I hate it,so your post was ridicule man. I mean dont judge a band by there appearance,you really didn't even bother to listen to it.We're influenced by the golden age of metal which was in the 80s IMO.
It sounds very...generic. Sorry to say, you guys could be way more creative. Sounds like every other band trying to do thrash
Message me if you want a Band Logo.

<('.'< <( '.' )> (>'.')>

I also do cover art and shirt designs, I can also print the shirts and send them to you for some $$$.
Jagstang5246- thanks for the positive feedback.

Brian Gelvin- Well not much of critique its too judgmental your opinion but w.e> I know what we are and im assured we are far from generic.