Anyone know any good instrumental country or bluegrass that can be done with only one guitar?
Some of Tommy Emmanuel's stuff can be considered country I guess?

Anyway I think there is a country forum
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Tough question, country and bluegrass relies heavily on having a band (and lots and lots of banjos) and the repetitive nature of it, especially on one guitar would make it very difficult to have instrumentals.

I'm gonna keep an eye on this thread as I'd love to see if anyone comes up with anything.
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Check out Gein With Envy or Salt Creek
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December 14, 2017
no, because there isn't any good country or bluegrass

/nobhead reply.
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no, because there isn't any good country or bluegrass

/nobhead reply.

I disagree. There are some pretty good bluegrass songs out there.
ummm, look up Hog Bitch Stomp by buckethead, that's kinda bluegrass. apart from that, most bluegrass instrumentals are written for banjo, I havent really seen many bluegrass guitars.
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Ok, going into this thread, I thought about Kenya or something playing music 24/7

Now, I can't stop thinking about Dueling Banjos from Deliverance..

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Chet atkins.

Deffo, or Jerry Read. You have to be pretty damn good to be able to play Chets stuff though.

Whilst not purely country, and not always instrumental, Steve Morse/The Dixie Dregs should interest you.