Plague Phillip McGraaw
Traditional Indian poetry, Song of America
Translated by Phillip McGraaw

I wrote nine years ago. Translated 3 years ago. I am better now.

Lind, soft wings
However, less than noble intentions

Comedian, ratcheted up the night high
Signals the start of flu

Across India, the lights turn
Dawn begins to awaken
Auction Crow, pain and injury
Swamps in my life, my loss, my goal.

Dawn over the bay is located in a quiet gap
Of tessellated wings and barbaric warrirors

This is my time. I gotta go.

Please provide feedback friends. I play guitar on words, create song. Guitar chords I will use distortion and power chords as they say, by me, and drums and bass too if I get around to it. Son may play bass, he may play guitar.


By my message,

Phillip McGraaw
Hello, my name is Phillip McGraaw

I have PhD in Women's Studies/Immigration trends from University of Texas at Austin.

I am an Indian who immigrated to America 7 years ago. I like Warehouse 13, Twitter, Guitar, etc.