It's time to buy new strings for my Ibanez electric. I really like the strings on it now, they feel very smooth yet easy to keep a grip on, you know, overall good strings. But i don;t know what brand they are because I bought the guitar used, what do you guys recommend getting.

(On the Ibanez I play mostly metal and rock, some blues also.)

Thanks for your help.
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Ernie Ball, DR, D'Addario.
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ernie ball slinkys are suited to what you play and they also last a long time


if you stay in E standard, get either the super slinkys (9's) or the regular slinkys (10's). I use the regular and I love the feel of them, and the stay in tune great with my floyd
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Thanks for all the suggestions ppl. I ended up buying the Ernie Ball Slinky 10's and just finished putting them on a while ago. Heres a pick of the newly strung guitar.
Tick tock and waiting for the meteor
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