Ello. I want a loop pedal. So far I'm aware that Boss has 2 loop stations and there's a Digitech Jam Man. Price isn't an issue I'm just curious as to the features, ease of use, etc. I'll only be using it for guitar tracks and I can only foresee needing to use 4 or 5 tracks at once at the most.

Also, I have an Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah pedal and I've decided it sucks balls... I'm thinking I want a Dunlop Crybaby? When I think of Wah sounds I'd like to make I'm thinking Tremonti, Petrucci, Satriani, and Vai for the most part. I know Vai has his Bad Horsie wah and Tremonti has his Morley wah, but don't the other two use Dunlop Crybaby? Thanks in advance for the help.
It's a conspiracy!!!
Petrucci, Satriani, Tremonti, Vai, Iommi...
Boss has 3...I would go with Jam man. It has cd quality play back and you can put loops on the computer to save them i think. Its better for the price. If you don't want that get the 3rd boss one but thats like 500.
For looping, I used to own the Akai Headrush E2 and I loved it. Very cool and easy to use. I'm picking up a Boomerang Phrase Sampler today, and those are supposed to be amazing looper tools.

For a wah, the only wah I've played that I like is the Morley Bad Horsie II and the Fulltone Clyde wahs. Apparently, the Real McCoy wahs are quite good from what I've heard.