I can't think of a title. But I thought up this song, which seems decent enough to submit.

I'd like to maybe expand on it in the future, but for now, it's just this.

Once again, I can't really figure out what genre of metal this would fall into. So if someone could tell me, that'd be great. Of course there will be death growls.

C4C, thanks in advance.
I'd label it metalcore. Regardless, it's solid work. A tad generic, but not to the point where it feels like every sub-par core Myspace band consisting of "non-trend following" teens.

Progressions weren't that interesting, but it worked. Chorus and piano interlude need work, in my opinion; could be more exciting rhythm and progression-wise.
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Actually it's definately POLKA.


The intro reminded me of Scream Aim Fire a bit.

like the dance beat in the chorus.

you should keep the bass going in the break

Yay piano! Very nice solo as well ^^

The last chord should be shorter


Maybe it should fade out. I'm generally against that, but it seems like it'd fit here.

8/10 for being a metalcore song thats not in Drop C and doesn't sound like every other metalcore song ever.

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Yea, I'd say metalcore too. It's a solid song, albeit somewhat predictable. It's not really a problem but I would of changed all the 8th notes in the riffs to 2 sixteenths. I think it would of given it a more energetic feel. Solo's not bad. 3/5
It's been said already, but yeah this is kinda generic. Not totally generic but getting close. I think that's just inevitable with metalcore Even if the progressions are somewhat predictable I still honestly enjoyed them.

In bar 124, ending the phrase on an A sounded weird to me, probably because the piano's playing an A#5 arpeggio. The rest of the solo was touching, though.

I really liked the outtro, so it disappointed me when the song ended, lol. You could probably use that bit to make an entirely different song, and make it an emotional one too.

My song's in the sig if you C4C.
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You should extend the solo into the outro. You build the other riffs back up but you just cut off the solo. I felt unsatisfied :P