I'm listing my Ibanez Weeping Demon Wah for sale or possible trade. The pedal has only seen a few months of use. It just doesn't really get much use and I figure I could use the money to get something I'd use more often. Still looks brand new and has the original box.

Trade wise I'm looking for other pedals. Nothing too specific so feel free to throw me an offer, all will be considered.

Despite being in perfect condition I should note I am selling it as/is just to avoid hassle with potential scammers. No booklets or power supply, just the wah and box.

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In terms of pedals, I guess I would say I'm looking for some modulations (chorus, phaser, etc) or an OD of some sort. And no brand is off limits to offer. I have a couple Behringers and love 'em, haha.
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would you be interested in a trade for a Dunlop 535Q?

Hmmm, looks like a great wah but I'm just not sure that I want a wah in my setup at the moment. Not playing much that benefits from it. I'll keep it mind for sure though. How's the switch on it? In good, working order?
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Current highest offer is $60 shipped. Anyone care to top that or offer any pedal trades?
SLAP energy drinks ftw.