So Pit. What are you doing this weekend?

In approximately 4 hours I'm off to the stadium to see a band called AC/DC.
Playing Halo and CoD4, preparing for school, having a friend come over later. the usual...
Absolutely nothing.
My girl's out of town,
Closest bro is camping.
None of my other friends are available.
No plans.
What a weekend.
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Quote by third-eye
So Pit. What are you doing this weekend?

In approximately 4 hours I'm off to the stadium to see a band called AC/DC.

Never heard of 'em, sucks for you, try and have a good time.

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Band practice and sexing my girlfriend
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Machine Head
Lamb Of God

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Mumford & Sons
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Quote by third-eye
So Pit. What are you doing this weekend?

In approximately 4 hours I'm off to the stadium to see a band called AC/DC.

You son of a bitch.......

I saw AC/DC soundchecking before, but I wish I could've seen them live

This weekend, I'm seeing one of my friend's bands play, so that says a lot about how much money both of us have
Since this is my last weekend of freedom before school, I;m going to go around the city in a nonstop marathon of fun, mayhem and anarchy

/typical teen angst hollywood movie
Kicking insane amounts of ass in cross country, party at a friend's house, then after that I'm not sure. Probably Facebook stalking or something.
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Today i participated in the wedding of a norwegian musician (the singer in "Turbonegro", if anyone ever heard of them), that was a load of fun, lots of celebrities etc.
Just trying to relax as much as possible until another exhausting week of school begins. Life sucks.
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I am very jealous TS.. I was going to make a similar thread a while ago..

last night; got drunk around my town and at a friends house.. was a bit meh.

tonight; had the opportunity to go through to watch a mates band play, and get drunk for the 4th night in a row, and meet up with some good mates.. but I have a driving less early in the morning so I couldn't get drunk and I had no way of getting back.. instead I'll bitch on MSN, feel ****, and roam the pit

tomorrow: got a driving lesson, and got **** all to do

next week: got nothing planned really.. going to be a bad week I can see, unless I call one of my best girl mates to have a proper catch up session.
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Today (saturday) I went to a middle school football game, where they played enter sandman by metallica. I was surprised.

Tomorrow I'm going to get contacts

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friend's birthday party. going to get smashed out of my mind.
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Well I started my weekend with a game of Red Alert 1 against my mate. We just worked out that we can play LAN games, it's awesome!
Since then though it's gone massively downhill. I've done **** all for the last couple of hours, tomorrow I'm working most of the day. Ah well.
Stuck inside on UG all night.

Cant drink, cant go out and sleaze cougars.

My main mission tonight is put on a bike helmet.

Anyone for L4D pc? (pm me)
Dentist, packing, house work, "family togetherness," etc.

I can't wait for school to start back up. My friends are for the most part out of town, a couple others are moving back into college, and it's my Mom's birthday tomorrow.


Edit: Also it has been pouring rain since last night.
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about to go to work and do inventory at COSTCO

got hammered last night though and ran over a girl on my bike. i felt pretty bad about it but it's fun calling people freshmen haha
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