just joined my schools jazz band, and the sheet music is so foreign to me, specifically the chord charts. i can use theory knowledge of intervals and whatnot to find the notes in specific chords, but i can't sight read them well at all, i need to take a few minutes per chord chart.

so basically i just want to be better at jazz guitar, with modes and seventh chords and whatnot.

so can anyone recommend any good books?
Theroy For the Contmepory Guitarist - Capuzzo
teaches you about all modes (major, harmonic minor, and melodic minor)
all intervals
all chords - how they're constructed, why, function
all scales - even those daunting symmetrical scales
all your keys and relative minors
common progressions too.

it even has worksheets (and answers) for you to do. Ii use this book for everything, it has everything, and doesn't cost a whole heap.

also, it would probably be good to get one of those big fat jazz fake books. just to sight read through every now and then to get your reading skills up. I know form my schools jazz band, site reading is a big bonus

A fake book would also be good for getting those jazz standards everyone talks about, down. That way you could go anywhere, and just play a good jazz song everyone will know.

I reccomend this one:
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