Hi ive got my Project strat up for sale. Its a HSS sunburst strat with a coil split on the Bridge Humbucker. I'll try and list the spec best i can.

Sperzel 6 In-Line Locking Tuners
IronGear SteamHammer Humbucker(push/pull coil split on volume knob)
2 X IronGear Pig Iron single Coils
Dunlop Strap Locks
22 frets rosewood fretboard
Heavy Duty genuine Neutrik Jack
Good Quality electronics fron axetec website check it out.



If you want any more specific picture just tell me and i'll take them. Cosmetically is pretty much fine. There are a few minor dents on the back that can't be seen by the camera but they are very small. The only real thing wrong with it is that the tone control for the bridge pickup doesn't work. Im not sure why and since i dont use the tone controls i havnt bothered to fix it. Should be a very easy fix though.

ideally i would like £175 for it, which i consider a good price considering some of the components i.e tuners. plays better and sounds better than any MIM strat ive ever played. And increadibly versatile with the bridge pickup. Can do very heavy Sounds with that baby.

Check out my profile as ive done some basic recordings of the guitar. Using only a 112 Valveking and a Maxon Ts-9.
forgot to mention price is negotiable and for trades looking for a good reverb pedal or EH Microsynth.
Got the body of ebay. To be honest im not sure what it is though i promise you its not plywood If i had to guess it would be hardwood.
Was it you that was emailing me about pickups??? Specifically a warm heritage? I'd trade you 2 sets of pickups (that you could keep or sell) and pay shipping for the guitar if you are interested in a trade. You could get any 2 sets of pickups from my website so depending on what you were looking at that could be a value of around 220 quid.
Not taking any online orders.