ok lately i have been using these picks called Maddog Grip .66mm picks or something like that

im trying to find better picks, or picks that go to my style of playing

which you guys recommend for metal playing
like metallica, megadeth, stratovarius, etc

and for jazz picks
if there is a difference which would u guys recommend for jazz style


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Dunlop Jazz III Ultex for everything.
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I use V-picks, google them, they are fantastic picks.

They are quite thick, so they take time to get used to.

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i favor the Jazz III's. i use the Red or black ones depending on witch ones l loose first at the moment im using black .. lost all my red.. god damn pick gnomes

whats ultex though?
I say just go out and try as many different brands, thicknesses, and styles as you can and find which is most comfortable to you
i'm a medium pick person myself, but i picked up a few of those Jazz III's and love them for all things solo related. well pretty much anything heavy related too.

i still stick with my dunlop Gator .58's for everything not metalish.

the two best picks out there in my opinion.
tortex 1.13 (purple) best freaking pick ever
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Dunlop Tortex 1.00mm (blue) I love them.
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Jim Dunlop Jazz III (not XL) FTW! They're nice, good for fast playing and regular chords, riffs,... Also, just buy one of each for a bunch of picks, you'll find one you like
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jazz III ....they are perfect for everything.....
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Dunlop 2mm pick = the best. Especially if you play fast music, like Speed/Thrash Metal.
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There is no pick that fits a genre. One metal guy plays with 0.60mm tortex, another metal guy Jazz III. One guy prefers nylon, the other tortex. And as everyone has a different picking technique, exact sound qualities can't be pinpointed for different types of picks.
You should just buy a bunch, and check which you like best.

I myself use Dunlop Tortex 1.17(ish)mm and 0.60(ish)mm.
dunlop Tortex .88mm (green) I love them and i'm pretty sure Kirk Hammett uses them so if you like to play Metallica, you might as well use what he uses!
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tortex 1.13 (purple) best freaking pick ever

This but i use sharps


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I use Dunlop Tortex .60 and they work wonders. Especially on harmonics.
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Hit up a music store and pick up a few of everything... Find what works best for you.
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i would reccommend planet waves black ice, thickness is up to you
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Jazz III or Tortex purple sharps. Great picks.
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James Hetfield uses Dunlop Ultex Sharp .90 mm Picks (Transparent Yellow), and Kirt Hammett uses Dunlop Jazz III picks (green).

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James Hetfield uses Dunlop Ultex Sharp .90 mm Picks (Transparent Yellow), and Kirt Hammett uses Dunlop Jazz III picks (green).

actually, Hammett uses Dunlop Tortex .88 mm. You got the green part right
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Dunlop Tortex 73. mm, their my personal faveourite, work great on everything

I'm not sure if I use the .73s or the .71s but whatever it is, I love it!

I'd really like to try a Jazz III!