Well I just bought a Line 6 Studio UX2 for my dorm since they don't allow any amps whatsoever and I'm having a bit of trouble finding a good sound. Does anyone know a preset of some sort that would be good for bands like The Devil Wears Prada and A Day to Remember? Or if there are websites out there where you can actually download .l6t files. I read about a Metal Shop Pack that costs 50$ but I listened to the tones on the website and they don't sound anything drastically different from what comes standard with the UX2. I was just hoping someone could lead me in the right direction since there are a overwhelming amount of possibilities, especially since you can have dual set-ups.
You can download user submitted tones from the Line 6 site, somewhere at 'community'.
I'll see if I can find you the link.

EDIT: Custom Tone
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Seeing as this thing has a preamp, I could use it with Amplitube and other similar plugins right?

I actually haven't tried anything besides POD farm, but I think it should work.
I'm gonna try it out.