I don't currently have the funds to have my SG refinished. Right now it is bare wood, and I'd like to play it. I was wondering if it would be a good idea for me to spray on a satin clear coat, just to protect the wood. I'm assuming if/when I have it painted the painter probably won't charge any more money to strip the clear coat. Also, would this protect the wood by itself? I was thinking of buying some Deft Nitro satin and spraying it right on there. Thanks.
The finisher will charge you to strip the guitar.

But yeah if it is going to be a while before the refinish you need to cover up the wood, satin lacquer is fine.

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You could just Danish oil it. It acts as a sealant, and it's easy to remove.
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I did tung oil it at one time, only a coat or two but I want something that would just cover over it. I'm pretty sure I could just strip it myself if the painter was actually going to charge me, however I think the person I'm gonna have paint it probably won't. It's just going to be the clear coat so it won't be very hard to strip.
Alright well I put on 5 light coats of Deft Satin Clear nitro lacquer. I was going to put a 6th coat on but it feels fine. I wet sanded with 600 grit, I should go higher like 800 and finish with 1000 or 1200 but it's satin, I don't think it needs to be polished that well. I'll post pics of the guitar when I'm finished putting it back together. Right now it feels like a nice satin should, not as rough as the faded SGs feel.