so dunlop has made many a famous wah, they're two most famous are probably the original crybaby and the 535Q wah

all well and good, but over the last few years they have come out with several, "multi-wahs" that is wahs which are useable for both high and mid gain, as well as cleans

the first was the 95Q which was the first of it's kind pretty much, but the next one, the 535q pretty much did what the 95q did, only moreso, for about the same cost, so i'm not going to really keep the 95q in the list

afterwards, in rememberance of dimebag darrell, they released the DB-01 Crybaby from hell, same versatility as the 535q honestly, an extra output jack was added as well as more of a volume boost and it looks different

now, just recently, a subsidiary(spelling?), MXR released the MC 404 CAE Crybaby, a wah with two inductors, true bypass, a volume boost, and internal q control

so out of these which do you think is the supreme?
and which would you say is best for each style of music?

go for it
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I'm actually wondering about these myself.

I was sold on a 535Q, but am interested in the Custom Audio Electronics model, as well. I haven't had a chance to check it out, though.

If anyone has experience with both and knows the pros and cons of each I'd be very interested to hear it. Or just the differences, really. Both seem pretty nice.

I'm basically looking for a lot of options and room for customizing. I'm a little confused by the "internal" controls on the CAE- does that mean you have to take the bottom off the thing to adjust those parameters?? Seems like a bizarre decision that I haven't seen explained anywhere, so I figured I may as well ask around.

If you've used these things and can shed a little light on what sets them apart from one another, chime in if you could. Thanks!