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I'm pretty bored so I thought I'd start this potentially interesting thread.

OK, so you have a lot of money to spend on a bass, maybe you won the lottery, maybe you robbed a bank, or maybe you burned down your house and used the insurance money, either way, you have a limitless amount to spend on a custom shopped bass. Who would YOU go to and what would you get?

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Most likely Warwick for most people, but I'd have to spend months coming up with the bass for me!
I'd probably spend a month or two just thinking about the shape!
But I like smaller companies, so I'd think about going to Brice too
USA Dean Custom Deceiver Bass
Flat Top
Mahogany Body w/ Walnut Top
Neck: Bubinga / Purple Heart 5 piece neck
Fretboard: Wenge
34” Scale
22 Frets
Neck Shape: C (like Jazz Bass)
Pickups: Musicman Style humbucker bridge / Jazz style pickup neck
Electronics: Bartolini NTMB 3 band preamp
Binding: None on body, headstock or neck
Inlays: Abalone Diamonds
Finish: Natural Oil Finish everywhere
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For an electric, another Warwick. A 5 string Infinity tuned ADGCF, with a detuner on the A, ovangkol neck, AAA quilted maple front and back, turqouise, with a wenge core, chambered, with chrome hardware

For my bandmate's side project, a Drozd Barcelona 5 string fine lined fretless with piezo bridge, figured redwood top, "nature" inlay and a high C tuned down half a step

I would also get a luthier I'm acquanited with, Matt Bascetta, to build me something weird.
Either Lakland for a 24 fret 5 string Joe Osborn style bass with a trans red oil finish and chrome hardware. Or Warwick for a 5 string Fortress with Ovangkol neck, Flame maple top, ash back finished in a trans blue oil finish and gold hardware.
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Any of the MBasses.
6 string. Mahogany. Exotic wood top, like Koa. Gabon ebony fingerboard. Abalone. Some kind of SD custom pups. Detuner bridge for easy drop tuning. Gold hardware.
Fender, Peavey, Musicman or Ibanez for me.
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Shuker, Warwick and Drozd would be my go to people with Warwick and Shuker being fairly equal in price and Drozd shooting ahead in price. A Shuker jazz custom or a Warwick custom could be in my sites sometime in 2010, so stay tuned.


Ill add in ACG in as well, he makes beautiful instruments aswell. And ive kept in europe. England, Spain and Germany a nice mix allies and axis.
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Framus Star Bass. Yeah, I know, it's the same company an' all; but I spotted a cocobolo top Star on Warwick's custom shop site - an absolute beauty - and thus was my second thought. Warwick Star Bass...doesn't sound right somehow. Framus Star Bass...that's more like it. I'm amazed Herr Wilfer hasn't signed off a Framus bass of any sort so far.

Otherwise, I'd have Glasgow legend Jimmy Moon throw me a perfectly ordinary P-bass together. From obscenely expensive ancient timber stock, preferably Scottish. Hopefully, I'd keep a straight face when telling someone that my very average Precision cost £10,000+.

No-one said a custom had to flash its' jewels, or make any sense at all!
Rickenbacker. All I'd really want is a left handed purple, or blue, 4001.
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Fender, Peavey, Musicman or Ibanez for me.

same here. I'm sure if I had a limitless amount of money for the bass then they'd be more than happy to build a custom
Out of the mainstream companies, either a custom Spector or Peavey. I'd probably go for a well-known smaller company, though...the work is usually better. I'm a fan of Sozo in particular. Look at this thing!
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5 string String-through 35" scale SR with spalted maple top and a transparent finish.
XJ Frets
mostly Wenge
fricking lovely

or something Alembic...
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Spector (NS5 with Aguilar OBP-3 and Kahler Trem) or a 10 string with trem made by TUNE (if I get an infinite amount of money to spend on strings).
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I'd kidnap Jerzy Drozd and repeatedly molest him until he brought back the Prodigy LE line.
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I'd Have a Warwick Striker.
Just because I would quite literally have sex with a decent explorer shaped bass.
Ibanez SR 6 String please. Harlequin fret inlays and natural finish. No Bartolinis though. Remove those and try pickups until i found the ones I love above all. Jumbo Frets. I'd get 2, one in Standard tuning and one down a step (ADGCFB) for heavy stuff.
infinite dough ya say?

1. buy an acre or two of land
2. buy several million dollars worth of luthiery tools and machinery
3. buy several million dollars worth of exotic woods
4. hire my fave guys from GB&C
5. do my own, and make it a standard model.
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definatly wal. i dont know what they play like, but the sond is awesome. if i didnt like the wal, id have fender make me a fretless pj 5 string bass with 3 band eq, mid scoop switch, and active passive switch.
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Wishbass, I like the complete simplicity in their design, and the MASSIVE Necks they use are really comfortable, I find that the shallower necks (ie. my fender jazz) tend to put stress on my thumb after a while (about 30 min.), but their deeper necks I find very ergonomical, as well as reminiscent of the double bass. Not to mention the bodies are very well balanced, and they're cheap.
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Gotta go with Jackson, ESP, Warwick, or Spector. I like Jacksons in particular, their custom shop seems to be nothing short of amazing. I'd like a nice 5-string King V with a Kahler.
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Since we have infinite money, why not get more than one?

SR Prestige 5 and 6
Warwick Corvette Custom Shop 5 and 6, I'd have to work on the specs.
Fender Deluxe Jazz
Fodera Emperor 5 and 6
Use these as bases for my custom basses. I love rhymes.
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Warwick or Spector
Ibanez RG4EXQM1
Fender Jazz V
Yahama Pacifica 112
Acoustic B200h
2 custom 1x15 cabs
Vox AD30VT
too many pedals
Carl Thompson, or Washburn
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