I went to my local Sam Ash guitar store and I really like the Marshall, Line 6, and Crate amps. Any suggestion? Im saving up to get one Thanks.
Go for a marshall DSL50 with a 1960 cab with greenbacks.

Or if u get a super amount the Vintage Modern, they are totally mind blowing
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Anyway, I'm assuming that you played the MG, Spider, and Flexwave (I could be completely wrong but most people who say they went to GC and played those brands just so happen to have played those models).

If that is the case then I advise you to try out some higher end models and compare them to the ones you've played and then make your decision. I'm sure you will find the tone of the higher end models to be more appealing; but, if not, then your ears are your ears and we can't tell you what you will like
Try to avoid the Marshall MGs/AVTs and Spider IIIs.

MGs and Spiders dont really sound too good compared to other amps in that range like a roland cube or ibanez valbee. The AVTs are okay but just not worth the money and doesnt really sound different to my PODXT which was much cheaper the last time I tried although I tried a combo.

It would really good if you can state how much you are willing to spend and what are you going to use it for?