I defenitely know that for christmas i'm going to get a ESP, and ive been looking up some esp vs and i found the ESP LTD V-350. It was like a dream come true to just look at it, but the problem was that i searched espguitars.com, ebay, craigslist and pretty much everywhere that sells guitars or whatever in america, but i couldnt find the v-350...does anyone kno where i can find it?

i also searched guitar center- even they didnt have it...

and remember- i live in america, so i'm not gonna take any liks from europe where i have to pay euros. the link must also be up to date.

Don't be so picky about where it comes from, if I want something fancy chances are I have to get it from overseas.

And find a guitar store that's an ESP dealer, they should be able to order it in for you.
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It's discontinued, you'll have to go used. All I can say is look harder, I'm sure there are SOME out there.
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apparently that model is currently discontinued

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There was one on the SF Bay CL recently, but it appears to have been sold. Other than that, I can't see any on CL or eBay.
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EDIT: i googled it, you guys are gross.

the guitar has been discontinued since 2003 all you can do is search everywhere for one or look at something else like the v-401
im depressed that there is a christmas present talk in august.
It's discontinued but you can find one used which might be hard. Or go for the V-401 or 500
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i have an m-350 which i bought used and its fantastic. The floyd has held up pretty well so if u go for this v-350 u should be pretty happy
Christmas is months away. And why would you want a guitar, that was discontinued six years ago, and never that great of a guitar anyway?
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There's one for sale in leeds http://leeds.gumtree.com/leeds/70/41901170.html 350 pounds
which is $579.35 so if you want it that badly man, swallow your pride and buy it overseas

thx dude u helped me out the most but everyone posting tellin me to get the v-401....i might consider that, but i wish the v-401dx wasn't see thru black- i am not a fan of see thru finishes
or i can just wait for the SV-II to come out it fall...but im not a fan of the alexi v shape...or the camo finish