I have having a little bit of trouble when it comes to pinch harmonics.... i can get the sound when i put my fingers in the right position and get a fine sound.... but i cant seem to figure out how to get a pinch harmonic in the middle of a song when im holding my pick as a normally would ( i hold it in between my thumb and the side of my pointer finger as i am pretty sure a lot of other people do ), because i cant just switch the position if the pick in the middle of a song... is there a way you can do this that i am not aware of?
you have to dig the strings, i know that's kind of a vague concept, but instead of picking down like you normally would, go at it from more of an angle from the bottom of the string, like you're coming up from below the string and pick it.
practice switching the pick mid song. it may take some time, but well worth it
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I had a bit of trouble with this when I was learning pinch harmonics.

What I learned to do is hold the pick so my thumb was closer to hitting the string, as I am normally playing. That way it is easy to just come in at an angle and hit the pinch harmonic instead of picking the string.

It is primarily the location of the thumb. You just need to find the sweet spot, then you will be able to do them any where. After practicing them, I am able to go directly from tremelo picking to multiple pinch harmonics flawlessly. Thats all it is is working on the speed and figuring out your finger positioning.
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ok yea i just got the whole thumb thing so you can bend at an angle quickly... that helps A LOT thanks