on my guitars pickups there is like a black tape which has the logo on but recently its come off a little bit and the stuff under iss like a stainless steel silver but it looks really cool so i decided to take the whole tape off but i cant
is there easy way of doing it?
and will it affect my sound?

pics: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?p...b&id=1476493973

your links don't work. copy the actual URL.

and i believe you're talking about the windings under the tape... which shouldn't be stainless steel colored, it is typically copper colored if poly insulated or a dark purple color if it is plain enamel.

and if you are talking about the windings, then do not take the tape off, it's there for a reason, main reason being, it protects the windings. It's very hard to kill a pickup, just about the only you can do it is to break a winding because the wire is very thin and fragile.
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