i have an electric guitar for sale, which i have a picture of in my pictures.
check it out.
it's a squier strat with rio grande pickups
great guitar, i just have too many and i need money.
comment me or pm me if you're interested.
also, i have an acoustic electric guitar for sale that's covered in punk/ska/skate stickers that looks really cool, but i want to buy this nice fender acoustic i saw so this one has to go to.
if you want pics of it, hit me up, i have plenty.
i'm not asking much for either because i just want to get rid of them...
for the strat, i'd like $120 obo because the pickups set me back $200, and it was like, $200 new.
for the acoustic, i'd like $200 obo, because it's a custom and very well mde, but since the stickers are on it, it may not be an easy sell at the $350 i could be selling it at.
PM me for a fast response... reply here with any questions.

p.s. paypal is my method of choice, and i'd rather not use anything else (except cash if you're fairly local)