I am terrible at mixing/producing my. I usually rush them.

For one song today I felt like trying to make a proper mix. I mixed, adjusted levels more, eq'd, and mastered it.

I dunno if it came out well though, you tell me.

The original quickly produced one is called song 26, the new song is song 26 Mix 2.

If you don't mind please listen to both, and tell me if the second mix improved from the first one and maybe some tips so I could do better next time
I had a listen to Song26mix2 just now, and will make notes in order from beginning to end:

-piano sounds ok-ish, could use some more body and detail, perhaps a better sample set.

-the stereo image leans heavily to the left for much of the intro, i would prefer to center it a bit more, especially as the piano is the musical focus of this section. try centering the piano a bit more and panning two "string" tracks (same chords, but slightly different sound) to either side.

-drums sound aweful, sorry. the hihats are a mess, the kick is pretty weak and the snare is tiny. this needs to be rebalanced, but preferably rerecorded with better micing.

-the section with guitars/bass/drums is a mess. timing seems to be way off. honestly this section needs to be re-writen to make it less cluttered. the guitars sound ok-ish, though its hard to tell with the bass wandering around seemingly at random.

-the "chug" section, the synth lead sounds pretty good, but the guitars are pretty bad, they seem to be pumping quite badly. are you compressing them? musically speaking, its quite a good section. again, the drums are pretty bad, i can tell there is probably some cymbal action going on here, but it just sounds like a blurry mess. and what is going on with that overhead pumping?

can you describe the micing setup for the drum recording?

-next section, the bass actually sounds quite good. nice firm tone.

overall, the song shows some promise in parts, but is let down by other parts. you need to seriously re-asses your approach to mixing, it sounds like everything has been compressed to death, and ends up pumping like mad.

any chance you could upload the raw tracks (including midi)? i would be interested in doing a mix.