Well, this is my first contribution, and first post.

This is something I wrote, I don't know much about theory, so this is all just off of being self-taught.

The original lyrics I wrote for it are about winter, the next coming ice age, so, that's why it's called Blank Distortion. It's got a folk-ish vibe to it.

So just let me know what you think.
Welcome to UG! ^_^

Well for a first post, not bad. i actually really like the verse riff.

If you had drums and bass you could get rid of the extra guitar, and just use those.

the riff at 71 for sean could have been written differently. 2 to 12 is a stretch.

lol. your solo wasn't exactly a solo. *nevermind there it is

The solo itself seemed a bit bland for the first part.

like the transition at 121 could have been smoother :\

Solid riffing, my friend.
Add some drums and base and this would be a pretty good song.

Would you mind looking at mine?