check out my cover of Sum 41's Pain for Pleasure.
it's actually kind of good, lol, i proud of it
its on my profile

ps. rate and let me know what you think
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I'm sorry but I had to laugh when you started to sing

It's pretty good/lulzy but your scooped tone is imo crap
ya i know i'm no singer
and as far as tone goes, i used one guitar with the same settings for all of the parts and recorded through a rock band mic... so i knew it wasnt going to be great
goodness, rockband mic? ugh, that sounds a bit off. HAHA
You should look into getting a tone port or something for direct recording.
It doesn't sound too bad in the sense you did the song. The vocals aren't that great, but you tried.
Better production would be great.
crit me?
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