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This is a piece i've been working on over the past week.

i like to think it has some tasty riffs here and there

It's unfinished..

I stopped round about where i'd put a solo, so expect updates soon

By the way, around 110 there's ALOT of dissonance and it sound like crap on midi. :\

Crit for Crit and such


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First riff rocks. Very nice.
Next riff is also great. Reminds me of Amon Amarth.
Lead at 84 is a bit...i won't say impossible, but the fingering could be better.
Didn't like 110 to the end at all really...

Nice job so far, I enjoyed most of it.
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Yeah i forgot to delete some of the notes on the lead at 84. the bottom notes aren't supposed to be there lol x_x
thanks for the crit....this song is awesome...
The first riff is really awesome, and i like the drum intro..
The leads at 84 are really cool and the rhythm riff is really sweet, but the note at bar 100 sounds off to me, but maybe it was intentional...
I love the end riff...

this song was really good...overall i'd give it a 9/10
Just started giving it a listen.

Intro: Awesome.

31-38: Pretty sweet riffs.

50-57: Pretty sweet riffs. Again.

Wait, all these riffs are similar, so they're all awesome.

I like 101 where the "Studio Guitar (Sadly)" comes in.

The ending...

Wait, there's no ending yet?

Overall, pretty decent. I suppose it's gonna be extreme metal (death, black, screamo, etc? Anything along the lines of those?).

I'd like to hear a studio recording of this. For now, I give you an 8.75/10 (First time I give that rating to someone... )

Thanks for the crit!
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Yeah the note at 100 is intentional. that's the note that changes the chord ^_^

lol. Thanks for the praise For vocals i was planning to have growls throughout and low talking over the part at 40.
Intro solo is pretty tight.
The intro riff is pretty awesome, but at 15 it sounds like insane gore clown circus. Lol the drums at 31 made the riff stay fresh, so that's good.
40-49 I could see a clown laughing and he's like behind a hill trying to slap some very small man running away from him.
50-59 is the rest of the circus just doing their normal routines, pretty good riff.
60 is a nice break.
68 is like the scooby doo investigation where they're running away from the guy chassing them lol. It's pretty tight.
94-100 it sounds good idk what to say lol.
110-117 Sounds like the epic battle
118 the clown is killed and he gets back up and transforms into the ultimate circus barker. but no one is around to notice.
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Overal 9.5/10 i see you're working on it, and that's the only reason you don't get full credit mister. Clown Movie.
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At first I wanted to give a detailed crit, but I cant add much.

Great structure, your song is very well worked out, every riff is related to another and it's great how the song builds up. It constantly changes and develops and never get boring, I can see it's really a decent work and it seems that a lot of work and thought went in there.

Your chord progressions and melodies are just right, nothing wrong here.

There are only few songs in my opinion that dont necesserily need a solo to sound awesome and your song is one of those. With a nice ending it's definitely 9/10

If you have any other I should check out, send them to me.
crit mine? I need some crit for Break and Solo
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Man...I checked out your stuff. It's kinda boring, sorry. In fact - it's definitely not the "In Flames-ish" sound. Drop D tuning? WTF 0_o This song sounds kinda more metalcore'ish than MDM (especially the Sweden kind of melodic-death). Where is the solo? o_0 I don't see it. There is no mdm without harmonized solos 'n ****. Think 'bout that. The one good melody I find in bars 94-107. The bars after 'em are horrible (esp. the 108-109)

But, keep on rocking. I wish you good luck in writing more "mdm" songs )
This is pretty good. I like the feel you get from the riffs, the drums are very well written, and everything flows pretty smoothly. Your riffs evolve from one into the other, and it always stays interesting. Getting a real Swedish vibe from this.

The only thing that I can really complain about was that the ending was too abrupt. It feels like you really needed one last note, perhaps just a short open powerchord to wrap things up.
Defiance: lmao Your posts always make me laugh. I love how somehow you always find a theme to my music lol.

Thorbor:I think i already Critted that one o_O'' If there's anything else..?

Tom Araya: ...Ouch. You tore out my soul x_X. Is this song not melodic enough for you? Just because i was INSPIRED by In Flames doesn't mean it has to be a carbon copy. Solo's aren't my forte, but my songs usually turn out fine without them.

Jetfuel: Thanks for the drum compliments. I don't even play them lol
And by the way it's not over, lol

Thanks guys ^^
Awesome. Just ****ing awesome!
Alltough you should make it somehow easier to play, that felt kinda semi-impossible.
Not all the riffs, but some was just crazy. Studio guitar is sad thing . But it was just awesome!

So.. 9½/10!
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