thats actually really ****ing sick dude. Zelda is like my favorite game ever. Good job.
good job, epic lol, i was playing that game the other day and noticed the intervals are right on, when it shows you playing the ocarina. thought about doing something like this, i might but i play acoustic
ummmm can you play more zelda songs cause that was great
talk to me
and i better not hear a word
do me baby
i better not feel it girl
i still got one bullet left in my nine
finna do a love crime
love crime
finna do a love crime

lovecrimes -- frank ocean

****ing epic, you should do some other zelda songs :p
If I stay too quiet
I can hear her walking by
Death cold air is moving
Like the touch of her hand

ikuisesti hallussa surua,
pienentynyt enkeli, ottaa minuun,
johtaa minut tämän arvokkaan valoa,
ja ikuiseen pimeyteen.