So since I didn't read the rules... I had to make this again lolz but whateves it's all good.

Starting out, when we go big
I promise, I will never forget you
It was you who inspired me to get a gig
the both of you

I got to get out of the silence in this town
Don't take it the wrong way
But everythings run-down
You should come and hear us play

I'm sure the happiest I've ever been
Jamming out with my friends
i've fallen in love and don't want to let go
It's all I dream about

Tonight I sit outside and watch the lights
Listening to the cars pass
It's a peaceful on these type of nights
I kinda hope it lasts

Chrous X1

The last sunset i'll see in this place
And soon we'll be gone
We're going to a whole new space
The times before I see you next could be long

Chorus again

Will you wait for me?
I hope you do
I will always rock you
Farewell until I can hold you

Chorus.... AGAIN

This is our big break