So I was wondering, would an effects pedal with the ability to imitate a bass be dangerous to an amp? I have a multi-effects pedal with several effects that make the guitar go really low (pitch shifter, octave, harmonist).

You know how they say you shouldn't plug a bass into a guitar amp, that guitar amps aren't designed to handle such low frequencies, but then again I don't think a manufacturer would produce a guitar effects pedal that would damage a guitar amp.
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No, it's fine. It won't be as strong a signal.

So the problem with plugging bass guitars into guitar amps is actually the strength of the signal, and not the frequency of the sound being produced?
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I've always wondered about that since I got my Vypyr with the octaver function. That's good to know, even though at the point where it would be damaging the amp it sounds like fuzzy mud anyway.
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