Im looking to spend £300 - £350 on a tube amp, don't fancy buying second-hand and replacing tubes so in my price range whats the best deal?

The Laney Lc15r
the blackstar ht-5 combo
The vox valvetronix ad50vt xl (a friend has this and Ive played it and found it a little too bassy)
Peavy valve king 112 combo
Any others?

None of the shops in my town have any of the models i want so i cant try any of them.
I play mostly 80's thrash/hardcore crossover and deathmetal but dont want to limit completely to those genres. I like the look of the ht-5 combo although its only 5 watts and thats gonna be a big drop in volume compared to say the vox ad50vt xl is that true?
dont want my friend to out power me lol

I use the mt2 pedal so also what sounds best for pedals, i get paid on friday and cant wait to replace my ****ty amp....please help

Sorry ive already made a thread very similar to this but it died.
It's not gonna be much quieter than the Valvetronix. But if you're playing un miced with a band it likely won't cut it. And if you already made a thread just bump it.
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Well, unless you don't need a clean channel...There's the Peavey Windsor. But I probably woundn't go for that. I'd see if I could find a Valveking on ebay.
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Valveking, although you will want to change the speaker down the line and the MT-2 is going to sound like ass with it.
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Well, unless you don't need a clean channel...There's the Peavey Windsor. But I probably woundn't go for that. I'd see if I could find a Valveking on ebay.

I think for the money the Windsor is a great tube amp. Sad it's only 1 channel though. I'd still like to pick one up sometime.
no one talks about the laney lc15r is it not populer?
Since ive been playing so many people have said you never go wrong with laney
the ht-5 is rated alot higher than the valveking any idea why because i heard the valveking was pretty good
^ You heard wrong.

Also to all the Peavey recommendations, his budget is in GBP so anything European will be cheaper than American.
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no, the valve king sucks, the HT-5 is actually quite good, it's a little bit overrated sometimes but considering what it is, a small 5 watt amp, put a good les paul through it, turn the volume to 10 and it will sound great.

If you're actually gigging, the HT-5 might not be loud enough, I was able to crank it at a guitar store and it's pretty loud but will not be heard well if you have a loud rhythm section.
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thanks for replys

Right im very close to making purchase

Blackstar HT-5


Vox Ad50 xl

Has anyone played both and can give me some pro's and cons?

Anything will sound better than my marshall 30dfx but will the ht-5 be as loud?

no one seems to big up the vox but no one gives it **** either. whats the deal there, is it an average amp?
The Vox isn't tube. it's a hybrid. And I've heard that it's not great in comparison the the other Valvetronix amps.

HT-5 is pretty popular round here, though I've never tried one
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Give serious consideration to that B-52 AT112. It's got sweet cleans and can get pretty heavy. I don't own one personally but I've played one, they're nice. They had some problems with overheating but those have been fixed by now. If you're worried about volume, you don't have to with that because it's 60 tube watts. That's what I'd go with, personally.
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my advise is to save and get somethign you will be happy with save if you need to. Being in a rush to buy something can lead to somethign you don't really like.