i actually quite enjoy the song blessed usa.
Kudos sir, kudos to you.
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We just uploaded a new song today, written and recorded in Logan's Basement this morning.

Let me know how it sounds?
as far a punk goes, that was likable. not my cup of tea, but you have got a solid sound. can't deny that. keep it up man.
good stuff sir. really diggin your bassists style for some reason and your vocalist is great as well. all very catchy i dont really know what to say needs improvement other than some spots sound a little thin in some songs but overall its very well done

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I really enjoyed "Caroline", especially the vocal melody.
Same deal with Albatross, reminded me heaps of the era when Alkaline Trio were still good.
I'm definitely prejudiced against ska, so I'd say maybe less ska influences, but whatever that's just me.
I think you'll do well amongst like 20-something year olds because you have a mix of sounds from popular alternative music of the last decade or so.
Thanks man. Goddamnit is one of my favorite albums of all time, and a big influence, so i am glad you noticed.
I've never really listened to any Ska and at first I found the vocals and the jangly guitar sound to be somewhat annoying, but by the end of the first song it was really enjoyable. There are some really good baslines in this. Like that part around 1:21 in Blessed USA is really good. You guys seem like you've got a ton of energy live.
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Thanks a lot man. Much appreciated coming from a ska virgin.

If you like the genre, check out Slapstick, Buck-o-nine, Reel Big Fish, Big D and The Kids Table, Less Than Jake or the Suicide Machines. You would probably like the suicide machines. Very heavy 3rd wave ska/punk.
Sounds cool, didnt like the first track so much, the vocals were far to loud, however the ska in the second track is much better

I'm more predisposed towards reggae and ska than punk though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Get some horns.

so ratings Brand New Car > 8/10 fantastic, mix needs some work, and it could be fantastic, funny lyrics too!

Caroline 7/10 really liked this song, well composed, again mix is a bit flat... liked the ska bits.

Blessed USA - 6.5/10 - again cool, seems well structured 'complete' a nice mix between the ska and the punk. lovely breaks as well (almost similar to some of the stuff i do!)

5 More Minutes 6/10 - the last one i really liked, again nice easy skanking does it for me i suppose. I'd like to hear you do i proper reggae track.

Albatross 5/10 - not really my cup of tea to be honest, sounds ok, but the vocals sort of ruin it (like i said too loud) but again, i'd remind you i'm not a massive punk fan, pixies is about as close as i get haha.

backseat blazers - *ignore* :P

ok so theres my criticsm/praise

all in all your a cool band, and you make me feel happy. Goign to one of your gigs would be a great party i'm sure.


p.s crit me if you like! get your own back! hehe

Edit: Been listening to backseat blazers again, it is quite cool. some of it sounds a bit like pixies so i'll let you get away with it. I don't know why it seems a bit generic, not as bad as it first seemed though. 2nd listen did it for me. Very short though! could come into some ska i reckon at the end.
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Thanks a lot man. Really appreciated the detailed review. Glad you liked us. Though you called the songs in the reverse order that I like them. Peculiar. Thanks for giving me some real criticism.
haha, the lyrics are awesome (specially in brand new car and blessed USA)! i think you must be very cool to watch live. party party partyyyy!
thanks a lot man. Glad everyone seems to get that Brand New Car is a really sarcastic song. I was worried that no one would. Be happy to crit yours if you give it to me!
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Thanks a lot man. Really appreciated the detailed review. Glad you liked us. Though you called the songs in the reverse order that I like them. Peculiar. Thanks for giving me some real criticism.

Thats ok, i really appreciate your music, and the time that goes into it. I judged in terms of originality, sound, and most importantly what sounded best to my ear. but its all subjective, i'm sure people would rate them the same as you or in a completely different order.

i'm always suprised at which songs people like most when it comes to my recordings too.

so are ya going to crit my stoof? (siggy)
Man, Brand New Car and Blessed USA are ace songs. Being a bassist I really enjoy the bass lines. Lyrics are really good, I wish my vocalist could write some like what you have. Albatross was probably my least favorite, nothing I can nit pick at just didn't catch my ear like the rest of your songs. Not sure if your looking for it but I agree with dstone that some horns would really make me want to dance. That or throw in some cowbell
Actually, we just don't know anyone who plays a horn really. We'd love to get someone in there, just hasn't happened yet. It would allow us to write some different music too.

Thanks a lot man.