I'm looking for some sort of way to plug in my 12-string which doesn't have electronics, and there are a lot of options out there, but none of them really seem to be designed with a 12 string in mind, anyone have any experience with how any of these pickups sound? I'm looking for something not too expensive, less than 150 preferably, and something I can install myself
Internal pick up by Switchcraft out of California . Actually an earthquake sensor wired up to plug in out of your bottom strap button . Placed on the sweet spot of your sounding board inside with a tuning fork , nothing has ever sounded better for an acoustic for me . Only fault is no control at guitar , amp or board control only.
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There is nothing specific designed for 12 string guitars. It'll be the same thing.

For $150, you'll be looking at some removable soundhole pickups and an external preamp. You won't want to do any drilling by yourself, so removable is really the only option.
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