Hi guys,

as the title says i have a music competition in 5 weeks but i dont know what songs i should do. I have to play 3 songs.

My list of songs i have at the moment of possible choices are:

Big Love - Lindsy Buckingham
Ragamuffin - Michael Hedges
Somewhere over the rainbow - Tommy Emmanuel
Bohemian Rhapsody - Edgar Cruz

Any other ideas??? Would love all input
don't come into a thread and post useless stuff Andrew CS. Sometimes music is a competition, like in a battle of the bands. TS, what genres of music you like specifically?

Edit: what's up with these people that post a thread and just abandon it. If you're going to do that, just don't even start the damn thread
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so it has to be technically proficient? Damn, I was going to suggest Black Night because i saw you like Deep Purple, but nevermind...

How about Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel?
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Quote by Andrew C. S.
Art shouldn't be a competition.

HOWEVER I will suggest...Knights of Cydonia. If you're good with a trem you shouldn't find it too hard (and it looks impressive IMO)
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