Someone is selling a 2008 Epiphone Les Paul Standard with Seymour Duncan pickups for $350. It's in very good condition. The seller replaced the stock tuners with Gibson Deluxe. It has a strap lock system and he's including the strap and hard shell for free.

I'm a beginner so I think I can grow into this guitar. Should I bring an experienced electric guitarist to look at it first before I buy it?
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Hello, how else can we know if its a good deal?
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if its under $400 its a fairly good deal, other than that not for a used
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Sounds fine so long as its not like a thousand dollars. I meant to say that I'd give up to 400-500 for that.
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Pretty Good Deal. The guitar alone I think is 375 (don't quote me!). Too lazy to google.
But regardless sounds like a decent deal.

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