So recently I've been encountering odd difficulties doing songs like Number of the Beast or Technical Difficulties (by Paul Gibert/Racer X). I just can't grasp how to properly mute each string at the right time to make each note sound clear without any bleedover from other strings. Right now I'm trying to form the notes like they would be chords and muting the strings I'm not playing at the moment with my fretting fingers. Is this close to being right? It doesn't seem to be working too well for me.

edit: And wow, I just noticed the horrible grammar in my title... Eugh, sorry.
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If your having problems with 'bleeding over' you could work on pulling your finger off the string after you pick it. In Number of the Beast it'd be easy to do.
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But how can I do that while maintaining a good picking motion? Right now I'm just doing UDUDUDetc. across both strings and relying on muting the strings not being played at the moment. Is this wrong? Is there some other type of picking that could work?
Practice slower and concentrate on perfecting the actions required to play the song before worrying about playing at full speed.
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Well, that's part of the problem... I don't really know how to do the proper actions. I'm just guessing here.