Hi everybody! I'm new here, so I hope I'll appreciate this forum.

I have plugged my guitar into my PC using an adapter. It's plugged in the "mic in" hole, so I guess it's directly connected to the sound card. I can record what I'm playing with the windows sound recorder or any type of software like Kristal. When it's time to play what I recorded, I can hear it properly through the speakers, so everything looks fine.

But my problem is I can't hear the guitar through the speakers while I'm playing. I tried to download an amp simulator (Green Machine Amp), but that was useless.

Do you know what I'm doing wrong? By the way, I'm doing all this without any amplifier. The guitar's connected directly into the PC. I don't want to buy an amp actually...


Double-click the speaker icon in your toolbar...
Uncheck the muted microphone input.
Why not get an amp? I'm sure you could get a little cube amp for relatively cheap. Then you plug the guitar into the amp, and as long as you get an amp with an output, you could use a cable (and maybe an adaptor) to plug right into the computer.

The problem (unless you do actually have your imput channel muted) is that you have no preamp. You need something to boost the power of your passive electric guitar pickups.
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Quote by ldnovelo
why dont you want to buy an amp? It's actually the best solution.

Not for home recording it ain't.

If you want to listen to guitar going through the amp simulator in real-time, you'll need ASIO drivers (ASIO4all) works fine, then set your recording software to use them.

Most decent recording applications have a 'realtime monitoring' button, which will let you hear the incoming signal including all the effects. Have a look into your recording software's help for more on monitoring.
Thanks everyone!

Now it's working perfectly! To those who would like to play in real time on the PC with sound effects etc, here is a solution (details are given for the Kristal Audio recording freeware) :

1) As kyle suggested, install the ASIO4all driver.
2) In kristal, go to preferences. In "devices", uncheck everything that isn't ASIO4all, and of course, check ASIO4all.
3) Restart Kristal
4) In the mixer, switch "the audio input 1" (top left) from waver to "liveIn"
5) In the first column (input 1), you can add any effect desired (e.g. Kristaliser > Heavy distortion)

And that's it! Of course, I could have bought an amp, but I'm a newbie who lives in an quiet apartment, so I thought this would be a cheap solution to play guitar back again without the need to buy an amp.
Hia, I Just thought i may as well use this thread instead of starting a new one.
Is it possilble to, in kristal, hear the sound of my amp modeller through the monitoring system? I can hear it all on the final recording etc but not whilst recording. I'm using Asio4all, and the VST plug in of the modeler.

EDIT: I can hear the "dry" signal through the monitor but with heavier distortion as standard I find it a very different playing experience
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You really should use some kind of a preamp. The spec for PC sound card inputs has an impedance of around 10K. Yours may be more but you don't know. Guitars are designed to be plugged into high impedance loads of the order of 100's of K. Most amps are 500K to a meg ohm. You could be getting a consider amount of tone suck on your pups. A $30 Art tube preamp is a good investment for plugging straight into the PC. I will also allow you to boost the level going in so you can turn off the 20DB mic boost which may be adding noise to the recorded signal. There are other alternatives like USB preamps, but the Art will work fine and is probably the cheapest.

A Toneport is a good solution, but for the next couple days you can get Pod Farm for free at Line 6 if you buy a $35 iLok. You still need the preamp, so a GuitarPort or Pod Studio is not a bad option. You get Pod Farm w/o needing the iLok. It will give you all the distortion tones and FX you want.
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Although I also plug strait in I dont have prblems with volume - I've even had to change the settings to minimum, so that everything doesnt' clip away into tone hell...
All I need to know is weather the monitor can playback my amp simulator sound whilst recording or wether I can only apply it to the recording it self. (the simulator can be used as a stand alone as well)
Hey, for some reason, I can't get any sound out of my computer. It shows that sound is going into it, but I can't hear anything out of it when I play. What could be the problem?