i want to learn dream theater but cant afford a 6 string. im having a hard time finding tabs for four string. do any of the bass players of these forums know a website or anything that could lead me to 4 string versions of dream theater songs? i tried Google etc already with no luck
I don't know much about dream theatre, but my dirst thought was to find a guitar pro tab on this site (or wherever) and re-tab it out and see if it works on a four string
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You should be able to play most of their songs on a 5 string if that helps. If you can't get a 5 string either, you might have to tune your bass to B standard and transpose the high notes.
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sadly neither a 5 string or tab programs are options. but this down tuning to B and transposing high notes thing sounds interesting.
If I am not mistaken, first album is written on 4 stringer. So look up for those tabs - you should be able to play them easy.
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A hell of a lot of DT you can manage on a 4 string. Everything from Images and Words and When Dream and Day Unite. Constant Motion can be, Erotomania and Voices should be managable, from memory.

This. Try Under a Glass moon, then go for Metropolis pt 1. Myung only switched to 6's on the Images and Words tour so anything before that is cool.
Metropolis Pt.1
Another Day
Under a Glass Moon
Pretty much the whole of Images and Words bar Take the Time.
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Most of their early stuff was on a 4-string (I believe) and you could at least get a good start with those.
I believe their first album was played entirely on a 20 fret 4 string bass.
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I know you can play the Ytse Jam on a 4 stringer. fun times with that song