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Well I appreciate it, and I don't know what to do, but I'll just Crit Back as a response right here.

Your song had a really nice classic feel. I liked the guitar and backing tracks the most, oh wait that's the whole thing. The guitar soloey thing you were doing the whole time was nice. I've never heard a classic song being played like this before, and it gives me incentitive to actually listen and learn some. So you're inspirational, you should feel good about yourself. 5/5, good job, keep it up
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More towards the beginning, this song reminded me of Neil Young (this is a compliment). The guitar playing & melodies are good. Vocal melodies are good. Singing is good for the most part, occasionally sounding slightly pitchy (so does Neil Young). I would have been inclined to add drums & other things, but I would imagine this was not your goal. I think it sounds good overall. Please review my music at this link:


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