Hi all, I'm gonna be purchasing a new tube amp pretty soon and I want your advice... I mainly play bluesy stuff, SRV, and Hendrix like melodys, but mainly blues. So Im looking for something that can give me a great classic tone that can ooze blues. Ive been saving up a good chunk of change, so this has got to be it for me.

OK, I have done some pretty extensive research (most of you probably know more about gear than me, but its all about the music), at first I narrowed it down to either a Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue or a Princeton Reverb Reissue, and pair it with a good overdrive maybe a Fulltone OCD. BUT...I came across this baby and figured its worth the extra money. I wouldn't have to invest in an overdrive which is a plus, and it seems pretty versatile (rock, hard-rock, even metal (yukk!), not of too much interest seeing as how I mainly play blues..

For those of you not familiar with the Super Sonic...


Well fellas what do you think? Comments? Suggestions?

I'd go with the Princeton or Deluxe but that's just me. They only really do one thing but they do that one thing damn good.
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Deluxe Reverb
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A deluxe reverb or a vibroverb, or a bassman would be my first choices, in no particular order