So I have an old strat that im planning on doing some stuff to and I was wondering something about throwing a humbucker in it. So, obviously, I would have to rout a whole for my humbucker to go in, but how does wiring work now? Is it the same as it was if I had all single coils? Or do I have to do something different to it? Any help would be great.

chances are, the body is already routed for a hbker in the bridge under the pickguard. just get a new pickguard, or cut the one you have. wiring diagrams are all over, just look for those
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The wiring should be basically the same, and I'd suggest getting a 5 or 4 wire humbucker and a little toggle switch so you can coil split and still have a single in the bridge.

Go to the wiring thread, they'll help, few good posts on the first page.
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